Binary Design Agency Oy

We combine software design and things that make our life little bit easier, fun and better. At the same time our software and applications try to minimize environmental impact.

About Binary Design Agency

We design bytes that have a deeper meaning.

Binary Design Agency is a software company which designs and offers mobile applications. We have a cloud (AWS) based serverless mobile application platform with data service layer.

We have launched our first application Zoi the Work on that platform. Next applications are on the line. All applications have the similar mission background: make our life happier and better.

Mr. Tech & engineer

20 years of software development and architecture

What you should know about Juha:
he knows a lot about all physics, make his own solar power systems and enjoy target shooting.
Mr. Innovation

20 years of business, service design, marketing and sales

What you should know about Ville:
he has made over 100 wooden sculptures and loves food & wine.
Mr. Pixel

20 years of design and software UX

What you should know about Riku:
he is a beer enthusiastic and has tasted over 4000 beers. Riku is a walking encyclopedia of grunge music.

What we do

We have done software and applications for users and business. Now we are making this with deeper meaning and for happier users and for all of us on this planet.


Zoizoi is a mobile application designed for organizations to reward small and big work life, remember the teammate on a holiday and create a culture of success.